Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: 5 Leadership Skills to Level the Playing Field

The playing field for many women leaders is far from level. As businesses seek to rebuild and achieve more gender parity by encouraging more women to take up leadership positions, Chuen Chuen shares her insights after speaking with Ms Kiran Mann, Founder of M2M Business Solutions in an interview on ‘8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility.’

Agile Leaders Conversations

Agile Leaders Conversations Ep 15 – Ms Kiran Mann, M2M Business Solutions

Lead with crystal-clear vision & human-centred agile leadership

In episode 15 of Agile Leaders Conversations, hear Ms Kiran Mann, CEO of M2M Business Consulting and Forbes Council Member share her people-centric business approach to help several organizations create value. Located in Canada, Kiran’s futuristic approach and the ability to use unconventional tools and techniques that drive results enabled her to play a critical role in making them highly profitable and efficient. This episode is not to be missed.