Generational Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion

With the influx of Gen-Zs, the workplace comprises at least four generations. A diverse talent pool then brings about varied needs and wants. Bridging intergenerational conflict is then a leadership imperative and vital to building high-performing cultures. As each generation has unique values, beliefs, and practices, misunderstanding can easily lead to tension. Leaders must construct... Continue Reading →

6 Important Leadership Skills Managers Need to Lead a Hybrid Workforce

Post-pandemic, the workplace has gone through irreversible changes. As various organizations are now reimagining the workplace, hybrid working is here to stay. With this irreversible change, leaders must be ready to adapt and lead their teams effectively. To do this, they must develop new leadership skills in communication, collaboration, productivity, and accountability. In this blog... Continue Reading →

Build Back Better: How Leaders Can Build A Better, More Equal Future In An Agile Way

This article originally appeared as a Council Post on Forbes here. It’s an understatement to say that these are unprecedented and unpredictable times. Global uncertainty, measured by the World Uncertainty Index, is still around 50% above the historical average of 1996-2010. With the forces of Covid-19, ongoing instability and “uncertainty spillovers” from key systemic economies affecting the global... Continue Reading →

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