19: School Board Chairperson, Hwee Peng Tan on Being Inspiring, Approachable and a Long-Term Thinker

Recognizing good work goes a long way in building a positive work culture. Many leaders, however, may find this simple act difficult to be performed consistently, or consider recognizing good work as something too trivial. But, studies have consistently shown that recognizing employees gives them a sense of purpose, greater connections within teams, and productivity.... Continue Reading →

Generational Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion

With the influx of Gen-Zs, the workplace comprises at least four generations. A diverse talent pool then brings about varied needs and wants. Bridging intergenerational conflict is then a leadership imperative and vital to building high-performing cultures. As each generation has unique values, beliefs, and practices, misunderstanding can easily lead to tension. Leaders must construct... Continue Reading →

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