Effective Leadership Styles For the VUCA World

With new technologies and work methods, more than ever, the workplace is more fluid and ever-changing. Given the expectations of leaders have increased, that is why leadership styles matter. You might currently have a natural leadership style. Each leadership styles come with various pros and cons. Depending on your personality and preference, you might find... Continue Reading →

13: Enterprise Agile Coach, Fadly Rasyad on Why Most Transformations Fail

Why Most Transformations Fail Most organizations want to improve performance, but few succeed. In fact, research has shows that most transformations fail. Common reasons are a lack of leadership commitment, unrealistic goals, and resistance from employees. To succeed in your business transformation, you need a different strategy. In episode 13 of Agile Leaders Conversations, hear... Continue Reading →

8: Lenovo Singapore General Manager Ronnie Lee on Continuous Learning, Infinite Possibilities

Continuous Learning, Infinite Possibilities In the fast-changing business world, keeping up with your field is vital. That's when the power of continuous learning comes in. By seizing opportunities to stretch your perspectives and widen your horizons, you will stay ahead and constantly innovate. In episode 8 of Agile Leaders Conversations, hear Ronnie Lee, General Country... Continue Reading →

6 Important Leadership Skills Managers Need to Lead a Hybrid Workforce

Post-pandemic, the workplace has gone through irreversible changes. As various organizations are now reimagining the workplace, hybrid working is here to stay. With this irreversible change, leaders must be ready to adapt and lead their teams effectively. To do this, they must develop new leadership skills in communication, collaboration, productivity, and accountability. In this blog... Continue Reading →

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